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November 2007 Update - Mediterrania-Saïdia Marina Extension - click here


Mediterrania-Saïdia is a remarkable residential and tourist complex located in Saïdia, a picturesque village with a long tourist tradition in the Mediterranean coast of Morocco.

Mediterrania-Saïdia Location

Over an area of more than 7.000.000 m2 with six kilometres of seafront, the properties in Mediterrania-Saïdia make up a latest-generation resort - one that departs from the traditional concept of a tourist development. In addition, there are at least 10 four and five star hotels, a marina, three golf courses, a commercial centre, clinic and an extensive range of inclusive services for the apartments and villas in this complex.

Villas and Apartments

Apartments at Mediterrania-Saïdia

The villas and apartments created in this development provide a variety of living options to suit the need of every resident. Close to many restaurants, museums and beaches, the apartments and villas in the Moroccan complex in Saïdia are in a culturally rich locale.

Mediterrania-Saïdia encloses a variety of living options (different size apartments and villas) available to suit the needs of every resident.

Golfing Facilities

Golf at Mediterrania-Saïdia

Mediterrania-Saïdia is a must for golf lovers, with an excellent range of golfing facilities, including three 18-hole golf courses.

The villas and apartments in Mediterrania-Saïdia boast three golf courses in the development.

Golf is the ideal pursuit for enjoying the country's endless sunshine and breathtaking scenery. Three 18-hole golf courses are centrally featured in Mediterrania-Saïdia , spread over 210 hectares of greens surrounded by flourishing natural vegetation and magnificent views of the beach, hotel, and residential area.

The Marina

The Mediterrania-Saïdia Marina

Nov 2007 - Marina Extension - click here

The offerings of the 1100+ berth marina include: customs, a harbour master's office, control tower, tourist information centre, and repair shops, among others. An ideal location for sailing, it is one of the largest marinas in the Mediterranean .


The distinctly exceptional hotels located within the resort offer a range of services and experiences designed to satisfy and delight a variety of guests.


Business and shopping areas, lining an open esplanade at the marina, consist of: restaurants, a shopping centre, a spa, and medical centre, among others. Landscaped parks and green areas, as well as pleasant public spaces, harmonize with the beautiful natural surroundings.