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Introduction to Morocco

A magical tourist destination just to the south of Europe

Only a short trip away from Spain and in the same time zone as the UK, Morocco is the perfect place to escape. In this fascinating country, ancient and modern happily co-exist, and tradition mingles with cosmopolitan attitudes. Its natural physical beauty ranges from lovely unspoilt coastlines through scenic mountain landscapes to the dramatic wilderness of the Sahara, and its Mediterranean climate and cultural richness make it a paradise waiting to be discovered.

Morocco is a country surging ahead into the 21st century while still retaining a wealth of tradition and history. Its progressive ruler is actively encouraging foreign investment and is intent on upping the country's international profile. It is poised at the beginning of a property and infrastructure development program that should put it firmly on the map for investors and visitors alike.

If the whole country represents a great investment opportunity, Morocco's north-eastern Mediterranean coast is the best choice for those who value unspoilt natural beauty and for investors wishing to purchase in a new, up-and-coming area.